1. Get Kids Onboard

Give a mini-lesson on how germs are spread. Cover the basics: wash your hands frequently, cough into your elbow, don’t touch others, and avoid touching your face.

2. Pass Around the Hand Sanitizer

Have children clean their hands as the discussion goes on. Then, divide the class into four teams by putting different-colored sticky notes on kids’ shirts, and pass around wipes.

3. Ready? Go!

Invite team one to hit the germ hot spots: doorknobs (both sides of door), light switches, pencil sharpener, remote controls, and anything else shared.

4. Desk by Desk

Challenge team two to focus on desk surfaces and their inside edges, using one wipe per desk. Ask team three to clean the chairs.

5. Last but Not Least

Team four does the perimeter of the room: group tables, window ledges, and bookcases. Leave the class pet alone! And lastly, do your own desk!


Stay Healthy All Winter

  • Show children how to use and dispose of a tissue. It may seem simple to you, but sometimes we have to model the basics.

  • Make hand washing part of your routine. Wash hands as a class after lunch and recess.

  • Demonstrate how quickly germs spread. Add glitter to a spray bottle. Spritz one child’s palm, have him shake hands with a friend, and so on around the room.