With the arrival of a new school year, there's no doubt that your to-do list is growing every day. Be prepared and stay organized throughout the year with these free online resources, calendars, tools, and teaching tricks.

1. Get Timely Ideas, Right in Your Inbox

Sign up to receive the Scholastic Monthly Teacher Newsletter, a free email packed with teaching ideas for every season. Make sure your email address is up to date by logging into your Scholastic account.

2. It's A Date

The monthly Planning Calendar will provide you with an idea to spark your teaching every day of the year.

3. Classroom Set Up Done Right

Organize your classroom in just three hours with these tips and tricks from Genia Connell, a Top Teaching Blogger and third grade teacher.

4. Be Book Smart

Use the Book Wizard to level your classroom library in a snap. Make book lists by grade level, interest, or theme. And now you can access Book Wizard from all your devices; the Book Wizard Mobile app is available for iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets.

5. Start Your Printers!

Subscribe to Scholastic Printables for access to thousands of reproducible resources that you can categorize, print, and store. You’ll find writing prompts, clip art, worksheets, and standards-based teaching units, all at your fingertips!

6. Plan Ahead

Check out our extensive collection of Lesson Plans for thousands of free lesson ideas, unit plans, discussion guides, and extension activities.

7. Make Learning Interactive

Enrich your teaching with free online activities from Scholastic. Students will tap into their creativity with Story Starters writing prompts, hone their math and science skills with Study Jams, and dive into American history with The First Thanksgiving, The Underground Railroad: Escape From Slavery, Immigration Stories From Yesterday and Today, and Ruby Bridges: A Simple Act of Courage.

8. Keep ‘Em Handy

Pull out these reproducible Graphic Organizers to help your students with reading comprehension throughout the year.

9. Bring Books to Life

Encourage your students to try new books by sharing video booktalks, book trailers, and author interviews – no spoilers, we promise!

10. News for Your Classroom

Whether you teach PreK or high school art, science, or a foreign language, there is a Scholastic Classroom Magazine for your students! Subscribe to weekly, monthly, or bimonthly publications that will bring current events and informational texts straight to your classroom.

11. Always Be Prepared

Fill out your Substitute Teacher Information Sheet now so that it's ready to go when you're out with the flu or taking a personal day.

12. There’s an App for That!

Put educational technology in your students’ hands and make your life a little easier with teaching apps! Use Top Teaching Blogger Genia Connell’s 35 Favorite Free Apps for Teaching next time you’re browsing the app store.