Four young people are rescued from their fates, and brought together by a mysterious man. But what does he want from them?

Trapped in a dark cellar by a magic spell, a young noblewoman waits for the rescue that seems impossible. The only person who knows where she is, is dead.

A young Trader is the sole survivor of a shipwreck, drifting for days, waiting for rescue.

A young thief, and three time loser, is bound for the mines, the galleys, or the shipyard, to slave the rest of his life away, when suddenly, the sentence is changed.

A young girl hears voices, cruel voices, whispering about her in the night. Her parents have brought her here, fearing her strange ability to control the weather. But this place is no refuge, the whispers tell her. She is to be sent away in the morning, but a traveler changes her plans.

The man who solved the magic spell that released Sandry, who was one of Daja’s rescuers on the sea, who spoke to the judge about Roach, and who took Trisana away from her tormentors, was Niko Goldeneye. He had searched for these young people for a long time, and when he found them, he took them, one by one, to Winding Circle, a temple community. He knew they needed help, rescue, training, and a home. But what did he need from them? Why did he search for them, and how did he know where to find them, just in the nick of time to save their lives? And why did he choose to bring these four people together?

Follow the path to Winding Circle, to the cottage called Discipline, and find out. And then read the other three books in this absorbing fantasy quartet.

This Booktalk was written by librarian and booktalking expert Joni R. Bodart.