1 | A Long Pitch Home By Natalie Dias Lorenzi. $16.95. Baseball is a constant for Bilal as he longs for his father to rejoin the family. This endearing portrait of a Muslim immigrant family is poetic and profound. Grades 4–7.

2 | This Is a Serious Book By Jodie Parachini, illustrated by Daniel Rieley. $17.99. Just try keeping a straight face with a book that starts with a tooting donkey, adds in a goofy zebra, and ends with monkeys. Grades K–2.

3 | The Youngest Marcher: The Story of Audrey Faye Hendricks, a Young Civil Rights Activist By Cynthia Levinson, illustrated by Vanessa Brantley Newton. $17.99. Inspired by MLK, a girl chooses to stand up for her rights. Grades 1–3.

4 | Teacup By Rebecca Young, illustrated by Matt Ottley. $17.99. A boy sets off across the seas to find a new home with just a few items, including a teacup that holds “earth from where he used to play.” Magically illustrated. Grades K–3.

5 | Lift Your Light a Little Higher: The Story of Stephen Bishop: Slave-Explorer By Heather Henson, illustrated by Bryan Collier. $17.99. “Down here I’m not just a slave”—the fascinating story of a venerable 1840s cave guide. Grades 1–3.

6 | Animal Doctors: Incredible Ways Animals Heal Themselves By Angie Trius and Mark Doran, illustrated by Julio Antonio Blasco. $15.95. Elephants eating trees to induce birth, bears making insect repellent, and more! Grades 2–6.

7 | Caveboy Dave: More Scrawny Than Brawny By Aaron Reynolds, illustrated by Phil McAndrew. $12.99. Brainy Dave invents things like underwear and catapults, but will he survive the big coming-of-age hunt? Grades 2–6.

8 | The Icarus Show By Sally Christie. $17.99. The Greek myth of Icarus is the basis for this quirky and absorbing story involving bullying, starring a boy whose motto is Don’t React and another who wants to fly away. Grades 4–7.

9 | Short By Holly Goldberg Sloan. $16.99. Julia Marks is...not tall, and not happy about it. But when she finds her passion with a troupe of theater “semi-professionals,” she realizes it’s the growing inside that counts. Grades 4–7.

10 | Scar Island By Dan Gemeinhart. $16.99. Gemeinhart scores again in this Lord of the Flies–esque adventure that’s more than a page turner—it’s a meditation on love, guilt, forgiveness, redemption, and bravery. Grades 4–7. 


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Photo (sidebar): Davide Lorenzi