1 | Power of Words
Have your students wax poetic and enter their remarkable rhymes in Creative Communication’s poetry contest. Poems can be on any topic, but must be no longer than 21 lines. The contest is open to kids in grades K–8, and the top 10 entries will be published and recognized in an anthology. Winners will receive a $25 check, a copy of the anthology, and classroom supplies for their teachers.
DEADLINE: April 21

2 | Coffee Break
Can’t function without your coffee in the morning? PBS Education has you covered with the Teach Boldly Sweepstakes. Each month, one winning school will receive a coffeemaker, a month’s supply of coffee, and more. One grand-prize winner will win a teched-out teachers’ lounge makeover.
DEADLINE: Once monthly until April

3 | Films on the Go
Encourage students to express themselves using mobile technology. The iPadpalooza Youth Film Festival is a mobile video contest for K–12 students. Each entrant will submit an original short narrative, documentary, or animated film for a chance to win a variety of prizes, including an invitation to the film festival in Austin, Texas!
DEADLINE: March 20

4 | Full STEAM Ahead
Lots of websites feature lessons and games to boost STEM learning, but Clever Crazes goes a step further. Each academic activity K–8 students complete gives your school and kids a chance to win prizes! Clever Crazes’ prizes range from hoodies and backpacks to gift cards of up to $500, with awards granted on a weekly and monthly basis.


5 | The Price of Rice
Skills practice never put food on the table—until now. Free Rice, a program of the United Nations, tests players on a variety of subjects, including math, science, and geography. But answers do more than help assess progress; for every correct response, 10 grains of rice are donated through the World Food Programme to help end hunger.

6 | In Touch With Typing
Banish hunt-and-peck typing in your classroom. Proper keyboarding is an oft-neglected skill that kids need to learn. BBC Bitesize has created Dance Mat Typing, a fun game that teaches everything from finger placement to testing speed and accuracy.

7 | Math in Space
Presented by the Actuarial Foundation, Launching Into Expressions and Equations takes math to a new level—outer space! Perfect for grades 6–8, the program includes a teachers’ guide and a digital interactive learning tool to help students apply math skills to real-world situations. Space missions cover variables, scientific notation, and more.

8 | Happy Birthday, MTH!
Get the cake ready—2017 is the 25th anniversary of the beloved Magic Tree House series, and to celebrate, it is relaunching in February with stunning new covers and a brand-new leveling system that will help teachers figure out which books are best suited to individual students, based on their ages and reading levels. Also, look for a trove of free resources online at Mary Pope Osborne’s Classroom Adventures Program.

9 | In Proper Doses
Educate your fifth and sixth graders on the responsible use of over-the-counter medications. The Over-the-Counter Medicine Safety program provides engaging resources for teachers to delve into this important topic, including teachers’ guides, lesson plans, videos, and more. The program also includes materials for families, health-care professionals, and community leaders.

10 | Deep Dive
Have a unique project to deepen your students’ intellectual or creative abilities? The McCarthey Dressman Education Foundation awards up to $10,000 per year to support children from low-income homes. Submissions must include a budget and a detailed plan of action.
DEADLINE: April 15 


11 | Fruits of Labor
The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation is dedicated to putting in trees and plants to help provide food and to better Earth. Schools can apply with a proposal for using trees to this end. Awards range from trees and equipment to on-site training and oversight.

12 | Pick a Project
The Association of American Educators Foundation sponsors grants to support…almost anything for the classroom! This includes books, software, art supplies, lab materials, and more. Awards go up to $500.

13 | Create With Keats
The Ezra Jack Keats Foundation awards up to $500 to teachers who come up with unique ideas for creative learning programs for their students. Successful projects have included multicultural portraits, an intergenerational publication, and more.  
DEADLINE: March 31

14 | Kid Karma
From starting an anti-bullying campaign to providing sneakers for homeless families, community service projects are being carried out by kids. The Karma for Cara Foundation offers micro grants to support kids in their volunteer efforts. Apply seasonally for grants of $250 to $1,000.

15 | Community Roots
Whether your students need funds for a habitat preservation project or to begin a social media campaign promoting animal welfare, the Jane Goodall Roots and Shoots program can help with grants of up to $400 for campaigns that address issues in the human or animal community or that focus on the environment.
DEADLINE: March 31


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