1 | Teachers Appreciating Teachers!
Who’s the most spectacular teacher you know? The Go Teach! #TeacherAppreciation Giveaway, sponsored by Newell, wants you to nominate your fellow teachers to give them a chance to win a fully stocked classroom. 10 teachers will win $1,000 worth of supplies from teacher favorites Paper Mate, Expo, Sharpie, Mr. Sketch, Elmer's, Prismacolor and Dymo!

2 | Be the Change
Kids are never too young to get involved in community service. That’s why the Youth Changing the World organization created the Everyday Young Hero Awards, showcasing original projects by K–12 students that align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Winners will have their results highlighted on social media and win $250 in cash to continue their projects.
Rolling (one winner a month)

3 | The Write Stuff
Encourage your grades 7–8 students to write pieces in a wide variety of genres, from songwriting and flash fiction to mystery writing and sports journalism. Write the World holds monthly competitions for budding writers. Participants can enter for a chance to win up to $100, inclusion on the program blog, and feedback from a team of writing experts.
Rolling (one winner a month)

4 | Superheroes and Supervillains
This is actually the name of a contest, sponsored by Writing Times magazine, that demands kids’ best creative writing and illustrations! The competition, geared toward students in grades K–7, will award winners an Amazon gift card. Plus, stories and illustrations will be published on the magazine’s website and through its social media pages.
June 30

5 | All Fun and Games
Do your students love card and board games, outdoor games, and apps? Then the Mind Research K–12 Game-a-thon is perfect for them. Students must create an original game that puts a math topic and creative problem-solving on display. Prizes include an official certificate, button, poster, and more.
July 1

6 | Ticket to Write
The Roald Dahl Literary Estate’s Imaginormous Challenge wants students ages 5–12 to submit their most imaginative stories! Five golden ticket winners will be chosen to “Wonka-fy” their story in one spectacular way—from publishing it as a book to creating a 3D-printed piece of candy! Plus, check out the Imaginormous site for contest details, free Wonka-inspired teaching materials, and more.


7 | Visualize This
Looking to incorporate art into your K–12 curriculum? The P. Buckley Moss Foundation provides grants of up to $1,000 to fund creative projects. These have included using beadwork to teach math and a ceramics project to teach environmental science.
September 30

8 | Driving STEM
The American Honda Foundation puts STEM in the driver’s seat with grants for creative and forward-thinking STEM-based projects. Grants are available for K–12 teachers, and successful applicants will receive between $20,000 and $75,000.
August 1

9 | Innovation Station
Submit innovative, standards-driven project ideas to the Kids in Need Foundation for an opportunity to be awarded up to $500 for your PreK–12 class. Projects must be unique—using unusual methods or settings to enrich learning experiences.
September 30

10 | Math Leaders
Thinking about taking on a leadership role in professional development for math at your school? The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) is looking to support such initiatives. Elementary schoolteachers are invited to apply for a grant of up to $6,000 to fund their coursework, professional learning, and the development of in-service programs.
November 3

11 | Teaching in Tandem
Don’t do all the teaching yourself! The Hoenny Center awards grants of up to $500 to PreK–12 teachers with unique ideas for research projects involving peer teaching. Grants in the past have funded everything from research through field trips to providing opportunities for in-depth science presentations.
July 1


12 | Time for Fun
Are your first, second, or third graders having a tough time reading clocks? Scholastic and Timex have teamed up to create Time Machines, an interactive set of print and digital tools designed to help kids practice telling time. The site includes complete lesson plans, standards connections, games, activities, and more.

13 | Sightseeing Made Simple
HHMI BioInteractive’s website and app, BiomeViewer, allow you to go on field trips without leaving the classroom. The site includes films, virtual labs, and teacher guides about Earth’s ecosystems, from the tundra to the savanna.

14 | Untangle the Media
Media literacy is more important than ever. Help students develop this skill with resources from PBS’s Don’t Buy It program. With videos, games, a teaching guide, and more, the site has all you need to teach your grades 3–5 students about advertising tricks, shopping smarts, and navigating media.

15 | Diving Into Data
The Actuarial Foundation and Scholastic are teaming up to provide teachers’ guides, digital interactive tools, lesson plans, and printables that give students real-world math experience in the classroom and beyond. Perfect for grades 6–8, the program includes lessons on data analysis, algebra, functions and graphing, and more!

16 | History for All
The Zinn Education Project challenges students and teachers alike to consider a fuller and more accurate history of the United States. With free lesson plans and articles for grades PreK–12, the site promotes analytical thinking through engaging materials told from many historical perspectives.

17 | A Child’s Mind
For teachers encountering emotional and behavioral challenges, it can be hard to find the right resources. The Child Mind Institute has developed teacher resources on everything from depression to selective mutism to help educators respond effectively to mental health and learning disorders.

18 | Red-Letter Resources
Letter writing seems to have gone by the wayside with the advent of e-mail and texting. Bring back the elegant art form with a new program from the United States Postal Service and Scholastic. With lesson plans, a classroom poster, and templates, this program guides students through the letter-writing process, from planning to addressing the envelope and mailing it.

19 | Literacy for Little Ones
Build brain connections with Talk. Read. Sing., First 5 California and Scholastic’s collection of free literacy materials, including audio resources, activity sheets, and more.

20 | Food for Thought
Teach students in grades 2–4 the fascinating science of food using Food Scientists, a program from the USDA and Scholastic. It includes lessons and skills sheets on food safety. 

21 | In Proper Doses 
Educate your fifth and sixth graders on the responsible use of over-the-counter medications. The Over-the-Counter Medicine Safety program provides engaging resources for teachers to delve into this important topic, including teachers’ guides, lesson plans, videos, and more. The program also includes materials for families, health-care professionals, and community leaders.

22 | Real-World Math 
Math meets everyday life with this financial literacy program from Regions Bank. The Adventures in Math program is designed to help students practice math skills and apply them to real-world concepts like budgeting and saving money. This year, the popular program has been extended to reach K–8 students.


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