These fun, ready-to-print poetry activities are the perfect tools to bring words to life. Use these reproducibles to teach new concepts, reinforce past lessons, and inspire creativity.

Poem in Your Pocket Template
All Grades

After introducing budding writers to the sounds and styles of poetry, invite them to copy down their favorite verse or write a new poem of their own and keep it their pockets to share with friends using this reproducible.

Creepy Crawlies: Pick a Poem
Grades K–2

The poetry in Creepy Crawlies has been thoughtfully written and compiled with kindergarten to second grade children clearly in mind. Variety, usability, and fun topped the list of considerations in selecting or creating each and every poem.

Weather Poems
Grades K–2

From the brash, crash BLUNDER of thunder to a steaming, sizzling summery day, these poems will inspire students to write their own descriptive verses about the weather.

Create a Shape Poem About Soccer
Grades K–3

After first organizing their soccer related words and descriptive and rhyming words, students fill the empty soccer ball with a shape poem.

My Biography Poem
Grades 1–2

Students will fill in the blanks of this outline to create poems about themselves.

My Five Senses Poem
Grades 1–2

Review the five senses and practice descriptive writing with this quick poem template for young students.

Poetry With a Twist
Grades 3–12

Starting with a distinct shape, students build a poem by brainstorming words, feelings, and activities associated with that shape. For a twist, students then rewrite the poem in a different style. This activity is based on Love That Dog by Sharon Creech.

Fold-It Poem
Grades 3–12

Students write a poem together, line by line, using only the previous student's final word as inspiration!

Poetry Self-Evaluation
Grades 3–12

This chart will help students evaluate the first drafts of their poems before revising.

Writing a Sestina
Grades 9–12

This complicated poetry form is difficult to compose! This outline will help students craft their own sestinas.