Happy Campers
I asked parents to bring in tents to set up on the evening before the final day, so that when the kids came in, they walked into “Camp Learned a Lot.” They brought flashlights, and we spent the day in the tents, reading and reflecting. It was the perfect way to end the year! —Marissa Z.

Send-off Squad
At the very end of the day, all of the staff goes outside to the road to wave goodbye to the buses and then to the car riders. —Lindsey G.

Alphabet Soup
We have a picnic outside and ask that all the food start with the same letter: Popsicles, pizza, punch, etc. Kids bring blankets or beach towels to sit on. It’s super fun and memorable. —Laura C.

Hallway to Hollywood
We hold our “Academy Awards.” First, we watch a movie and have snacks. Then, I give out funny awards and the kids walk down the red carpet. They decorate a star, and we have a photo booth with movie star glasses, tiaras, mustaches, and more! —D’Anne M.

The Final Countdown
Right before the end of school, all of the students gather on the field for the countdown to summer vacation, led by one of our teachers. They count down from 10, and then yell, “It’s summer vacation!” —Wendy B.

Closing Ceremonies
We fire off water rockets and then have different stations set up with educational challenges—“Minute to Win It,” Philosophical Chairs, brain teasers, and team challenges. The kids have a blast! —Lindsay O.

All Hands on Deck
Last year, our middle school hosted a “Teach Like a Pirate Day.” Teachers and students signed up to teach classes that ranged from STEM projects to mani-pedis to making pancakes. It was so much fun! —Amanda S.

Special Delivery
We write thank-you notes together to be delivered to every member of the school staff, including the principal, the custodians, and administrators. On the last day of school, we walk as a class to distribute each card. —Pari D.

Homemade Yearbooks
I make “yearbooks” for my students. I fill them with pictures I’ve taken throughout the year, and I write a one-page note to each student. Then, they have time to have their friends sign. —Laura K.



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Image: Bob Ebbesen/Alamy Stock Photo