Just Like Home
In my kindergarten classroom, there’s a whiteboard I call my “refrigerator.” When we do art projects, the kids do their best work so it can go up on our fridge.
—Alison G.

News Byte
I sent artwork examples to the PR person to put on the district site, with a blurb about the assignment the artwork applied to. —Paula C.

Sample Sale
I love going to a paint or wallpaper store and asking for old sample books. I attach a student's artwork to each sample and display in the hallway and my room.
—Kathie D.

Mystery Artist
Students’ names go on the back of their artwork when we display art on the classroom walls or in the hallways. We want viewers to appreciate the work itself, rather than be influenced by who made it. Also, this discourages parents from comparing their child’s work with that of other students. —Haven M.  

Artful Binder
I hang pictures up for a few days, and then they go into a binder labeled "Artwork for Mrs. P." I teach kindergarten, so I get a ton of pictures, and I can’t keep them all up on display. —Brandy P.

Hall of Frame
Students know that I will only hang work they feel proud of. I have a picture of each of them in a frame with clips attached. It’s a gallery wall for our class that changes all year. —Jenna O.

Constellation Prize
When I taught kindergarten, I put star decorations on clothespins and attached them to the wall with command strips. It was so easy to switch the projects on display, and the command strips came off easily at the end of the year! —Erin E.

Little Louvre
My students’ artwork gets taped directly onto the wall under a sign that reads: room 101 fine art gallery. —Sarah H.

Sheet Switcheroo
I use sheet protectors. You can put them up with a hot-glue gun, take them down easily, change out work, and put them back up. No mess, no tape that yields to humidity, and no confetti through the hall when there is a draft! Student work is accompanied by a brief description of the assignment, as well as the standard assessed. —Rachel H.



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Image: Adam Chinitz (frame); PEJO29/iStock (painting)