All Abloom

As the first daffodils and irises push their way out of the barely warmed ground, celebrate by having kids create these sweet “Happy Spring” cards for a favorite teacher, friend, or relative. Pipe cleaners help the tender blooms stand up, and mini pom-poms punctuate their centers. Make now or save for a Mother’s Day project!


What You Need

Construction paper in at least four different colors
Mini pompoms
Pipe cleaners or drinking straws


What To Do

1 | Cut out a 1”x10” strip of green construction paper and a 6”x10” rectangle of paper in another color.

2 | Glue the green strip along the bottom edge of the long side of the rectangle. Fold the rectangle in half to make a card.

3 | Choose a third paper color and cut out a vase shape.

4 | Glue the three bottom edges of the vase to the front of the card. Be careful not to glue the top of the vase!

5 | Next, create the flowers by folding a square of colored paper in half diagonally, and then folding it in half two more times. Hold the triangle by the corner where all folds meet, then cut out your desired petal shape. Unfold the paper to see the flower!

6 | Use different paper colors and sizes to create as many flowers as desired. Next, glue a mini pompom to the center of each flower.

7 | Attach each flower to a pipe cleaner or straw using glue. Finally, insert flowers in the vase and write a sweet note inside the card!



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Photo: Adam Chinitz; Craft Stylist: Morgan Levine