Hungry for Words

You could use a magnetic board to piece together poems—but why do that when you can use a poetry monster?! All it takes is a tissue box and construction paper, plus a vivid imagination. Simply print out our word lists (or make your own), and then dare kids to reach inside to find the perfect monster-poem words.


What You Need

Empty tissue box
Construction paper or cardstock
Round dot stickers
Glue stick
Monster Words


What to Do

1 | Remove all tissues from the tissue box, then remove the plastic film around the slot and paint the box a solid color (alternately, cover with construction paper).

2 | Draw arms, teeth, horns, and eyes on colorful construction paper or cardstock, and then cut out the body parts. Use a glue stick to attach all body parts to the tissue box. Have fun with the number and placement of monster parts!

3 | Decorate the box with dot stickers, and your silly monster is ready to go!

4 | Print our Monster Words list, cut out each word, and fill the box with the words. We recommend having one set of words per four students.

5 | Pass out a sheet of construction paper to each student. Have kids reach inside the monster’s mouth to get words to use to create their poems.

6 | When they’ve created their poems, ask students to glue each word to their construction paper for a fun, mismatched look.



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Photo: Adam Chinitz; Craft Stylist: Morgan Levine