To accompany a study of animals that hatch from eggs (turtles, birds, most snakes, and even some mammals), try this craft that magically reveals what’s inside each colorful egg kids pull from the nest!



Things You’ll Need:

Animal template

Construction paper

12” x 12” brown craft or construction paper


Glue sticks

Flashlight or lamp



What to Do:

1 | Print out a copy of our animal template for each student, and have students cut out the egg shape around the animal image.

2 | Have students apply glue around the edge of the egg shape on the side with the animal image and adhere the egg to a sheet of construction paper. (This step will keep them from seeing the animal inside of each egg!)

3 | Next, they should cut out the egg shape from the construction paper. The eggs are now complete.

4 | To make the nest: Fold one sheet of brown paper in half, making a rectangle, and then cut off the two folded corners to make a nest shape.

5 | Fasten the side edges of the nest with a glue stick, leaving the top open.

6 | Place the eggs in the nest. Students can now hold each egg in front of a lamp or flashlight to reveal the creature inside! 



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Photo: Adam Chinitz