Celebrate all things Seussian (March 2 is both the good doctor’s birthday and Read Across America Day) with a craft that really lets students score reading points. Just choose a word family and watch the words stack up.


Things You’ll Need:

Word family cards

Top hats (red, if possible)

White paper (large sheets)

Red construction paper



Glue sticks


What to Do:

1 | Print and cut out several copies of our word family cards. Have each student pick out one root word and its six accompanying rhyming words.

2 | Have each child measure and cut out a rectangle of white paper that is 14” tall and wide enough that it can be wrapped into a cylinder around a top hat. Next, have them measure and cut out three strips of red paper that are each 2” tall and the same width as the white sheet.

4 | Using a glue stick, children should adhere the red strips to the white rectangle in 2” increments, and then secure the red-and-white-striped rectangle into a cylinder by gluing the ends of the paper together.

5 | Slip the paper cylinder over the top hat. Kids can now glue a word family card to each strip of paper. Each student should have a total of seven words.





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Photo: Adam Chinitz