1 | I’m Ok By Patti Kim. $16.99.

Ok must cope with his father’s death, poverty, bullying, and his own anger and grief. Still, humor threads through this story of a fierce and enterprising Korean-American immigrant boy. Grades 3–8.


2 | The Very Impatient Caterpillar By Ross Burach. $17.99.

A frenzied caterpillar does everything from meditation to positive self-talk to get through metamorphosis (“Am I a butterfly yet? How about now?”). Grades K–2.


3 | Perfect By Max Amato. $16.99.
A mischievous pencil draws circles around a neat-freak eraser—who finally stops cleaning long enough to appreciate the imaginative places Pencil has taken the two of them. Grades K–2.


4 | The Hen Who Sailed Around the World: A True Story By Guirec Soudée. $17.99.

Colorful photos and minimal text delightfully document the journey and friendship of a young sailor and his sea-loving pet hen. Grades K–3.


5 | No Boring Stories! By Julie Falatko, illustrated by Charles Santoso. $17.99.

A bunny who wants to tell stories is shunned as too cute by a biased mole and friends. Will she convince them she’s not so dull after all? Grades K–3.


6 | Mary Wears What She Wants By Keith Negley. $17.99.

In a time when boys wore pants and girls wore dresses, Mary broke the rules. This is a true tale of a daring girl defying the norms of the mid-1800s. Grades 1–3.


7 | The Life of Frederick Douglass By David F. Walker, illustrated by Damon Smyth and Marissa Louise. $19.99.

This graphic novel retelling of abolitionist Frederick Douglass’s amazing life is absorbing and elegant. Grades 3–8.


8 | Inkling By Kenneth Oppel, illustrated by Sydney Smith. $17.99.

Comic-book excitement propels this tale starring an inkblot with a soul, whose generous spirit heals a family. Plus, a fantastical villain astounds! Grades 3–8.


9 | The Unsung Hero of Birdsong, USA By Brenda Woods. $16.99.

Gabriel thinks life in his town of Birdsong is ideal, until an accident reveals ugly prejudice and quiet heroism. This is also a love letter to black WWII vets. Grades 3–8.


10 | The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise By Dan Gemeinhart. $16.99.

Coyote and her dad have been running from an unspeakable tragedy—until a makeshift family helps open hearts and lead them home. Grades 3–8.


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