Interview with Brian Selznick

Q | What did you enjoy most about creating the new covers?
A | I was a huge fan of the books and felt very daunted when I first got the call. But then I had a flash of inspiration and immediately came up with the concept to do all seven covers as a single image, showing the battle between good and evil that Harry ultimately triumphs over. I loved drawing each of the characters, trying to capture a little of their personalities.

Q | Which is your favorite cover?
A | I especially enjoyed drawing the patronus for Prisoner of Azkaban. I loved making it look like the stag was really glowing. And it turned out that the dementors, while horrifying villains, are great fun to draw! I also loved drawing the big portrait of Harry on book five, Order of the Phoenix, although I discovered it is very hard to draw round glasses in perspective. And I enjoyed creating the new house crests for the box set. I’m a Hufflepuff, by the way!

Q | Which cover did you find the most difficult to create?
A | The last cover was by far the hardest. How do you sum up all seven books, the entire adventure, all the love and fear, into a single image that also works along with the six other covers when lined up? The snake essentially remained the same, but Harry’s relationship to it kept changing. The snake is also a metaphor for the evil that Harry (and all of us) has to battle against. It ties all seven of the books together.

Q | Who is your favorite character in the series?
A | Dobby has always been my favorite character. The clarity of his needs and desires, and the depth of his sacrifice, have always resonated with me.


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