S’more Hugs
One student told me, “I love hugging you, Ms. S. It’s like hugging a marshmallow!”
—Jennifer S.

Orange You Pretty!
I was wearing an orange dress at school one day. I walked out to pick my kids up from the line and one of my girls said, “You look like the most beautiful Cheeto!”
—Nikki F.

But “Good Weird”
“You’re just like Mrs. Frizzle in the Magic School Bus books,” one of my students told me. When I asked her why, she replied, “You’re weird, just like her.”
—Joan C.

Nothing but the Tooth
I once had a student tell me my teeth were so straight, it looked like I had one big tooth in my mouth.
—Yvette A.

Wigging Out
I had my curly hair cut to a short bob. When I went out to greet my students the next morning, one little boy excitedly said, “Mrs. T, you look just like George Washington.”
—Dawn T.

Sunday Best
After telling me how nice I looked in my skirt suit (I was about 24 years old), a student politely and very sincerely told me, “My grandmother was laid out in a suit like that.”

—Karen M.

Teachers of the Caribbean
I was wearing a brand-new outfit. Unrelated, I had written on the board, “Today is National Pirate Day.” One student asked, “Is that why you dressed like that today?”
—Dawn B.

Searching for Praise
“Wow, you’re smarter than Google!”
—Samantha C.

Role Reversal
First grader, watching me bite into an apple: “You’re a good eater!”
—Eileen G.

Fashion Police
I was not dressed up for mismatch day, but one of my students said, “Wow, you really are mismatched!”
—Rachel B.

Creative Fodder
One of my students wrote a poem that said I was “better than hay”!
—Amy M.

“I’m so glad that you don’t care about how you look. I never worry about spilling on you.”
—Marcia G.

Eye-Popping Compliment
“Your eyes are so pretty, I want to pop them out of your face and put them into mine.”
—Nicole T.

On a Pedestal
A kid brought me a home­made trophy that said Most Improved Teacher….
—Malynda P.


Illustration: Greg Clarke

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