Modern Art?

While we were finishing a painting project using tempera paint, everyone at table three decided to become Jackson Pollock. Table, carpet, chairs, kids at the next table, projector. The emergency bag still has paint on it years later! Yes, I still pull out the paint.

—Lisa M.


Pixie Dust

I let my fifth and sixth graders make glitter-filled ornaments. At the end of class, one student looked around the room and said, “It looks like Tinkerbell exploded in here.”

—Jennifer J. D.


Loose and Found

I found two teeth on the floor and not one person would claim them.

—Rebekka N.


Beads Overboard

Water beads! Those things that swell up when soaked and are promised to be an amazing sensory activity? The whole tub was upturned. Who knew they actually bounced and are crazy slippery to pick up off the floor? Me…now. 

—Lesleigh M.


Swept Away

I spilled a fresh batch of little crickets meant for the class frogs. The hysterics from the kids and the other teachers were so funny! I did manage to sweep up most of them. 

—Michelle A.


Table Manners

Gingerbread houses for 75 kids. I never thought I’d have to say, “Don’t lick the table.”

—Lisa P.


Ant Mansions

We built giant tower structures with spaghetti and marshmallows. Needless to say, we had an ant problem. But boy, oh, boy, did they learn a lot!

—Debra G. H.


Chili for Days

Definitely the time we made chili for Texas Public School Week. Somehow the -crockpot slipped off the table. That room always smelled like chili to me!

—Janet D.


Slime Time

We had a fire drill while we were making oobleck. There was green slime E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E.! 

—Alexis W. N.


Fly School

A student left oranges in her bag. The way I found out was because of the fruit flies all over the lockers.

—Brandy T.


Sensory Overload

The kids exploded packing peanuts that were in with our Arctic animals in the sensory bin. We had to vacuum every child and the floor for hours!

—Kelly A.


D. I. Why?

When I decided it couldn’t be that hard to refill a beanbag chair...

—Michelle G.


School of Fish

I was student teaching and a kid threw an eraser and broke a large aquarium. The fish were swimming down the aisles.

—Carol M. L.


Photo: BANKSPHOTOS/Getty Images

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