Spelling Pie

Get ready for fall pie season with this mouthwatering way to practice sight words. Simply choose several of the words kids are learning in class and write each on a paper plate. Then, print the corresponding letters on festive pie pieces and challenge students to spell out the words. Don’t forget the whipped cream!


What You Need

White paper plates

Orange card stock or posterboard




Cotton balls

Brown construction paper

Glue sticks

Black marker or Sharpie


What to Do

1 | Place a paper plate onto a sheet of orange card stock. Trace the plate’s shape onto the card stock with a pencil.

2 | Cut out the orange circle, and then use a ruler to divide the orange circle into eighths and cut those out.

3 | Take a piece of brown construction paper. Measure and cut out eight strips of 8.5” x 1” paper. Fold each strip accordion-style.  

4 | Write a word on the paper plate using a black marker, and then write one corresponding letter on each orange pie slice. Set aside any extra pieces of the orange card stock.

5 | Add crust to each pie slice by gluing a strip of accordion-folded construction paper to the large end of the triangle. Pinch every other fold up with your fingers as you glue down the paper to create a ridged crust.

6 | Glue one cotton ball “scoop” of whipped cream to each pie slice. Make a few extra pie slices and print random letters on those.

7 | After creating several word plates and matching pie slices, distribute the plates to your students. Each group should have the letters they will need to spell the word on their pie plate, along with a few extra letters.