Sweet Seats

It’s a piece of cake to create these cute, personalized seats for your morning meeting. Just purchase some inexpensive cake boards (online or at a crafts store) and have students write their names in the center. Then, use stickers, markers, decorative papers, and more to decorate them.

What You Need

12" cake boards


Decorative paper

Clear contact paper


Glue sticks


What to Do

1 | Give each child a 12" cardboard cake board and have them write their names in the center. Alternately: For young students, add each child’s name to a cake plate before passing them out.

2 | Have students decorate their plates using stickers and decorative paper, or other flat decorative materials. Students can also use markers to draw images of things they like. Since the boards are coated, some markers do not show up as well on the white background. If you find this to be the case with the markers you use, have the children draw on paper, cut out their drawings, and glue them to the boards.

3 | Lay clear contact paper over the front of each circle. Using scissors, trim off the excess contact paper around the outer edge of the circle. Once the circle is sealed, it’s the perfect seating spot!