Congratulations to the Winners of the Back-to-School Giveaways!


August 1 (Color Your Classroom décor): Beth Parker, Julia Davin, and Kathy Lathen

August 2 (Scholastic News and Fly Guy book): Ashley Lewis, Raiford Collins, Megan Garstka, Lainey Stokes, and Sherry Sejnost

August 3 (Estes Rockets): Pilar Gonzalez

August 4 (Scholastic Teacher Resources BTS Pack): Myrna Urena-Hayes, Andrew Fisher, and Joanne Matuch

August 5 (Scholastic Teachables subscription): Déja Kia Spikes

August 6 (Scholastic News and plush tiger): Lisa Sanuck, Stacy Arnold, Crystal Gahr, Tracie Reida, and April Thor

August 7 (Logitech presentation gear): Christy Flynn

August 8 (Coco Color Styluses): Carla Masters, Mike Steele, and Melissa Jane

August 9 (ELA magazine subscription): Megan Coe

August 10 (K’NEX building sets): Jennifer Stafford, Siobhan Wagner, and Lakisha Brooks

August 11 (Tape It Up! décor): Carol Graham, Heather Pittman, and Danielle Watt

August 12 (Scholastic Professional Books): Heather Buckner and Toni Hebert

August 13 (Bostitch supplies): Tonya Chavez, Cathy Reveal, and Jessica Brown

August 14 (Yoobi pack): Megan Marie

August 15 (Scholastic Teachables subscription): Callie Pinz

August 16 (Rand McNally classroom atlases): Jennifer Paley, Melissa Justice, and Elizabeth Wilson

August 17 (My Big World with Clifford subscription): Karen Weber

August 18 (Gamewright games): Blythe Chapman

August 19 (Scholastic Teacher subscription and 10 new books): Callie Ann Hollis and Staisha Roberts

August 20 (Scholastic Teacher Resources Inspiration set): Tiffany Cortez, Lisa Burke, and Amber Turgeon

August 21 (Lakeshore Alphabet Rockets): Tammy Cleghorn

August 22 (Jan Richardson book set): Militza Zamora de Geisel and Christopher Carlyle

August 23 (Mead/Five Star pack): Mercedes Sanchez-Madrid, Sheila Rich, and Jessica Flecha-Brancheau

August 24 (Scholastic Teachables subscription): Charity Baker

August 25 (Let’s Find Out subscription): Amy Darnall

August 26 (ViewSonic monitor): Evelyn Boateng

August 27 (First Little Comics class sets): Angie Nordin, LaTonya Walters, and Rene Torgerson

August 28 (Roseart supplies): Erika Fierro, Jenny Proffer, and Sabrina Goston

August 29 (Xyron laminator): Denise Payne and Emily Bloomquist

August 30 (Scholastic Teacher Resources STEM packs): Kathleen Dubois, Jamie Marrone, and Tracie Hix

August 31 (Newell school supplies): Sarah Smith, Annette Evans, and Kathy Lawrence Flanagan


We hope you have a wonderful school year. Check out Scholastic Teacher Magazine for great teaching ideas and fantastic giveaways all year long!