Hooray for the Holidays!

Print your own mini book covers to bring the season into your classroom. From How the Grinch Stole Christmas! to The Snowy Day to Latke, the Lucky Dog, the perfect holiday keepsakes will be yours with a little foam board and some glue!


What You Need:

Book Covers printable


3/16” foam core (also known as foam board)

Decorative ribbon or string


Glue stick


Optional: Xacto knife


What to Do:

1 | Print our book covers in color, and then use scissors to cut out each book cover in one piece (front, back, and spine).

2 | Measure the front of your chosen book cover(s) with a ruler. Use the measurements to measure and cut a foam core rectangle that is the same size as the front cover. (An Xacto knife is best for cutting foam core, but scissors can also be used.)

3 | Measure and cut an 11” piece of string or ribbon. Tape the string to the inside edge of the foam core rectangle that will be the interior book spine.

4 | Fold the printed book cover along each dotted line and use a glue stick to line the entire inside of the cover with glue.

5 | Next, align the edge of the foam core with the string attached to the inside spine of the book cover. Smooth out the cover over the piece of foam core to get rid of any bumpy areas. Enjoy your literary ornaments!