I use Prodigy for math review. It’s basically a video game where players are wizards who learn spells, get equipment, and win duels by answering math questions.
—Stephanie N.

Noodle Brain
GoNoodle is great for whole-class short-movement videos. They provide a perfect brain break for the kids!
—Kirsten C.

In Kahoots!
You can create different games with Kahoot!, so it’s a great way to do a quick check for attention or to summarize a lesson. Usually, the kids who are less apt to participate in discussions rise to the occasion with Kahoot!
—Leslie M.

City of Books
If you want kids to be engaged readers, to give them a choice in what they read, and to create group discussions about books, I recommend using Bookopolis. It brings a social media element to reading!
—Julie L.

Translation Tool
TalkingPoints is great for parent communication, because I can send out messages in 20 different languages!
—Laurie M.

Panoramic Polling
I don’t always have computers available, but with the Plickers app, all I need is my phone and a whiteboard. Students use paper cards to respond to polls, and the app scans their answers immediately.
—Cherie D.

Pop Quizlet
Try Quizlet Live. Students can be put in teams at random and work together to answer questions.
—Briana N.

World Explorers
Google donated a few cases of Google Cardboards to our classroom. The students use their phones to take virtual field trips. When reading books, we can explore settings. We’ve even created immersive 3D scenes from Romeo and Juliet!
—Diane S.

Lesson Pod
Nearpod has a wonderful library of editable lessons. Students can work through PowerPoints at their own pace, and I can easily embed questions to gauge understanding or to poll their thinking.
—Samantha J.

Shared Screens
The Classroom app lets me watch how the students are using their iPads when working. It also allows me to show the class how other students have executed a math solution without having to bring up each iPad screen separately.
—Mindy K.

Animation Station
ChatterPix combines art, writing, and oral skills. Students each draw a cartoon, animal, or person and bring them to life with their own voices.
—Carol P.

Communication in Bloom
Bloomz is the best free parent communication app I’ve found. Family members can join if you give them your code. You can post messages, share photos, set up conferences, and more.
—Karen L.


Photo: FatCamera/iStock

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