Feasting By Numbers

Whether it’s veggies, turkey, or pie they load up on at the overflowing Thanksgiving table, kids will have fun making this graph tallying who likes what—and you’ll love that it doubles as a math lesson. Cut out the templates, and let the feast begin!


What You Need


Thanksgiving food template

Construction paper



Markers, crayons, or pens

Optional: Scalloped scissors, tape


What to Do

1 | First, create the 5 food images by printing our Thanksgiving food template on white paper or cardstock. Cut out each shape, and use them as stencils on colorful construction paper. Trace and cut out the food shapes, and then assemble each shape using glue.

2 | Cut out circles to correspond to each of the foods in 5 different colors, making sure you have enough for every student in your class.

3 | Write the title and dividing lines of your graph on the posterboard, or use construction paper to cut out the letters and lines. To create a border for your graph, use scalloped scissors to cut out colorful strips of construction paper. Glue these strips around the edges of your posterboard.

4 | Glue or tape the 5 food shapes onto the bottom of your graph and label each one. 

5 | The graph is ready to share with your students! Discuss the foods listed on the graph, and show kids which colored circle goes with which food item. Instruct students to write their name on the colored circle that corresponds with their favorite food.

6 | Glue or tape each circle to the graph and discuss the results.