Express Yourself

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, and these emoji pals can help kids express how they’re feeling. Easy to make, it just takes foam balls, a splash of paint, simple cutouts, and craft sticks to assemble. 


What You Need

Six 3" foam balls
Yellow and orange tempura paint
Scissors or craft punch
Construction paper
Glue dots
Large craft sticks


What to Do

1 | Paint five of the foam balls yellow; paint the last one orange.

2 | While the paint dries, use scissors or a craft punch to create paper shapes for the eyes, mouths, and any other details. Refer to emojis on your phone for guidance if needed.

3 | Once the paint has dried, attach the paper elements to the front of each foam ball using small glue dots.

4 | Insert a large craft stick into the base of each face. Enjoy your emoji pals!