Tap into kids’ love of apps with a project that takes them offline. Students will have a blast creating their own personalized camera filters, and you’ll love learning more about their lives!


What You Need

Student photos
Clear sheet protectors
Paper clips


What to Do

1 | First, prepare a printed photo of each student. Have students use paper clips to affix clear sheet protectors over their photos and trim the edges of the clear sheet, if necessary.

2 | Ask students to use markers and stickers to decorate their sheet protectors. Emphasize that the drawings and stickers should represent their interests.

3 | Pass out additional sheets, and have students create more stories about themselves to share.

3 | Finally, have each student write a mini-autobiography. Have students staple their favorite filter onto their photo and pair it with the mini-autobiography for an awesome classroom display! 



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Photo: Adam Chinitz; Craft Stylist: Morgan Levine