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World War II: A Dear America Activity

Scholastic’s online activities educate students on World War II — how it began, how it was resolved, and how it impacted America.



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  • Activities and Games

Through reading and interactive learning activities, Scholastic’s Dear America: World War II project offers an overview of the most widespread and destructive war in history, and shares how America’s involvement impacted our culture at home.

  • Students read an article About the Era that explains Hitler’s rise to power, how Germany’s ally Japan attacked the U.S., and how the U.S. joined the Allied forces to defeat the Axis powers by May 8, 1945. A timeline offers a chronological frame of reference.
  • Explore the Scrapbooks shares the interactive fictional scrapbook of Piper Davis, an American girl living in Idaho during the war, offering a personal view of what life was like then.
  • Whiteboard-Ready Slides include images of government posters, Pearl Harbor, and Japanese-American incarceration camps.

Plus, student activities include:



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