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Women's Suffrage: A Research Starters Activity

A great start for students writing about this hallmark of democracy, Scholastic shares all the resources, tips, and ideas they need.


3–5, 6–8

Activity Type

  • Computer Lab Activities

Created with Grolier Online, Scholastic’s Research Starters: Suffrage: The Right to Vote workshop helps students writing research papers on the subject find what they need, fast.

First, students can read an introduction on what suffrage means and who was commonly denied it throughout history. They’ll find links to related articles, including Women’s Suffrage, Democracy, the Civil Rights Movement, and more.

This activity also features a glossary of related terms, and poses questions to students, to get them thinking about the various topics they could explore.

Finally, Scholastic culled the Web to track down these nine useful sites that students can explore, including:

  • Civil Rights and Discrimination: Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute provides primary and secondary materials relating to civil rights and constitutional law.
  • League of Women Voters: Official site of the League of Women Voters provides information about the organization and its many civic and community activities, particularly with elections.
  • National Organization for Women (NOW): NOW's Web site provides information about the organization and its activities, key issues, news, and links to related sites.







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