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Weather Watch

These activities for students of various ages teach weather conditions through visual observation, collecting data, and analysis.


3–5, 6–8

Activity Type

  • Computer Lab Activities
  • Interactive Whiteboard Activities

Weather Watch teaches daily weather patterns and brings students face-to-face with extreme weather conditions. The project features activities for younger students, intermediate grades, and upper grades.

  • Students learn the different types of clouds, then Track Clouds in the Sky for three days by visual observation. Finally, they write about what they’ve learned.

  • In Experiment With Weather, students build their own meteorologist tools and test-drive them, then print out our Weather Data Sheet to record the results of their experiments.

  • Students will Explore Climate Conditions by conducting online research. They'll also learn to manipulate the weather with the Weather Maker.

  • With Forecast the Weather, students analyze a hurricane, tornado, winter storm, or drought and then create a weather report.

  • Students can also learn more about Severe Weather and Natural Disasters, including volcanoes, earthquakes, and more.

Learning Objectives

While participating in Weather Watch activities, students will:

  • Formulate questions to help guide their own learning
  • Gain knowledge of weather terms and their appropriate usage
  • Use observation skills to determine current weather conditions
  • Gather data from several sources
  • Forecast probable weather conditions after analyzing available data
  • Complete a research project on a topic of their choice

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