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We Remember Anne Frank

Expand your students' understanding of the famous diary by introducing them to two heroic women who bravely helped Anne Frank.


3–5, 6–8

Activity Type

  • Computer Lab Activities

Anne Frank died at the age of 15 in 1945, close to the end of World War II. Scholastic's "We Remember Anne Frank" offers students (grades 3–8) a chance to explore her life through those who helped her — and to learn more about the true heroism shown during the Holocaust.

  • Students are introduced to Anne Frank's diary. A timeline of events in her life and in WWII history provides historical context to readers.
  • In Hanneli & Anne: Memories of a Friendship, students get to know Anne Frank's childhood friend and Holocaust survivor, Hanneli Pick-Goslar. An interview with Hanneli helps put a face on the bravery exhibited during this era.
  • In Miep's Holocaust Story, students meet the woman risked her life daily to help hide the Frank family from the Nazis, Miep Gies. Includes a fascinating interview with Gies.
  • Holocaust Rescuers and Survivors allows students to read and write about amazing heroic stories of the time.


Learning Objectives

"We Remember Anne Frank" correlates with many of the national standards for both social studies and language arts. In this project, students will:

  • Learn about historical events through a time line
  • Understand how events in Europe during the Nazi's rise to power and the subsequent Holocaust impacted the lives of real people
  • Develop empathy for people, Jewish and non-Jewish, who were directly affected by the Holocaust
  • Become familiar with terms and places associated with the Holocaust.
  • Improve content-area reading skills
  • Learn to do online research
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