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U.S. Immigration, 1880–1914: A Research Starters Activity

Scholastic offers research topic ideas, dozens of resources, and more to students writing about this incredible time in American history.


6–8, 9–12

Activity Type

  • Activities and Games

Created with Grolier Online, Scholastic’s Research Starters: U.S. Immigration, 1880 – 1914 offers students writing about the subject everything they need to get started. The workshop includes an introduction and a glossary of related te

rms. Students will also find links to 15 activities, including articles on Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, ethnic minorities, naturalization, and more. Finally, Scholastic has culled the Web and listed several resource-rich sites for students, including:

  • A Walk Around Brooklyn — Thirteen: This virtual tour of Brooklyn includes historic information on its role in American immigrant experience, an interactive map, panoramic views, and a selection of links to related resources. Web companion to a Thirteen/WNET public television series.
  • Ellis Island: Information on the Ellis Island Immigration Museum and the American Family Immigration History Center. A search engine finds names and countries of origin from the Immigrant Wall of Honor. Sponsored by the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc.
  • American Literary Studies — Emma Lazarus:Description of the correspondence of Emma Lazarus held at Stanford University's Green Library. Brief biographical sketch; item descriptions; notes on access policies.

Susan Cheyney

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