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The Underground Railroad: Escape From Slavery

With this interactive slideshow, students follow the path of a slave in 1860 as he courageously travels the Underground Railroad to freedom.


3–5, 6–8, 9–12

Activity Type

  • Interactive Whiteboard Activities

With Scholastic’s The Underground Railroad: Escape From Slavery activity (grades 4–12), students travel back to 1860 to follow a young slave as he flees a Kentucky plantation for Canada along the Underground Railroad. The interactive slideshow (with audio) lets students read a short article at each stop. They can click on accompanying images to read pop-ups with more information.

In this compelling online activity, students get a unique, first-hand account of what life was like for slaves, encounter the dangers of the Underground Railroad, meet brave abolitionists who helped runaways, and compare life in the North and South.

  • On the Plantation: Here, students “meet” Walter, a young slave sold to a plantation in Kentucky.
  • Escape!: Walter sneaks away during the night, headed for the Ohio River. He runs all night and hides during the day.
  • Reaching Safety: Walter crosses the Ohio River, encountering a family in Ohio who has helped many slaves. They put him up and plan his route to freedom in Canada.
  • Reaching Freedom: With help from more abolitionists, Walter passes through Cleveland, his last stop before crossing Lake Erie to Canada.
  • Tell the Story: In this writing activity, students imagine themselves as former slaves and answer a set of questions about their journey on the Underground Railroad. Students can read actual interviews with former slaves for more research and inspiration.

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