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Uncover Lizards and Snakes: A Science Exploration Activity

Students get an up-close look at geckos, boas, vipers, and more “squamates” with these exciting online learning activities.


3–5, 6–8

Activity Type

  • Activities and Games

Scholastic teamed up with the American Museum of Natural History to offers students the Uncover Lizards and Snakes learning project. Dr. Darrel Frost, a herpetologist at the American Museum of Natural History, discusses his job as curator of the museum’s reptile and amphibian collection. Then, through images, text, audio, and interactive activities, students explore these fascinating – often notorious! – animals.

  • In Meet the Squamates, students study a slideshow (with text) of nine squamates, then record information on them to create an exciting new exhibit of lizards and snakes!
  • What makes squamates similar and different from other animals? Students Investigate to find out, first reading about squamates, then putting together a presentation on them, with help from Scholastic.
  • Students can learn 10 Words to Know, including amniote, ectothermic, reptiles, squamata, and more.



Learning Objectives

While participating in the Uncover Lizards and Snakes activity, students will:

  • Learn grade-appropriate facts about the topic
  • Build scientific thinking skills as they follow a guided path of inquiry and analysis
  • Learn how professional scientists and experts conduct investigations and present findings
  • Practice reading strategies and skills needed to decode and comprehend nonfiction and informational texts
  • Develop skills for writing about research-based topics
  • Strengthen research and critical reasoning skills as they gather, assess, and use data

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