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Turtle Hurdle: An Ocean Life Activity

In this fun online activity, students test their leatherback turtle smarts by exploring Web sites to answer five multiple-choice questions.


3–5, 6–8

Activity Type

  • Computer Lab Activities

Part of Scholastic’s Ocean Life project, “Turtle Hurdle” (grades 4–8) puts students’ leatherback turtle smarts to the test! This learning activity poses five multiple-choice questions, and offers Web sites where students can find the answers. Each question is worth 20 points if they answer correctly on the first try. 


Sample Question:

Leatherbacks are different from other sea turtles in that they:

A.    Have flexible, rubbery shells

B.    Lay Eggs

C.    Are cold-blooded


Students can search for the answer here.



Learning Objectives

While participating in the “Turtle Hurdle” activity, students will:

  • Use a variety of technological and informative resources to conduct research and analyze data about the sea turtles.
  • Research ocean life.

Susan Cheyney

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