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The Story of Miep Gies: A We Remember Anne Frank Activity

Scholastic offers students the chance to “meet” the incredible woman who risked everything to hide the Frank family during World War II.


3–5, 6–8

Activity Type

  • Activities and Games

In The Story of Miep Gies learning activity (grades 3–8), part of Scholastic’s Anne Frank project, students get up close and personal with the woman who bravely hid Anne Frank and her family from the Nazis during World War II. 

  • Students can read a photo-story of Miep’s life, including what brought her to Amsterdam, how she became a Dutch citizen, why and how she hid the Frank family and how she avoided arrest when the Nazis discovered the Franks. Also, students learn how Miep saved Anne’s famous diary, presenting it to Anne’s father when he returned after the war, who then had it published.
  • A fascinating reading activity, Scholastic’s Interview with Miep shares answers to dozens of questions from students, including who Miep suspects turned in the Franks to the Nazis, what Anne Frank was like as a teenager, how Miep coped after hearing all but Otto Frank were killed, and much more.


Learning Objectives

By participating in The Story of Miep Gies activity, students will:

  • Develop empathy for people, Jewish and non-Jewish, who were directly affected by the Holocaust
  • Become familiar with terms and places associated with the Holocaust.
  • Improve content-area reading skills


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