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Social Studies WebQuest Activities

Who was Joan of Arc? What was the Gold Rush? Students embark on exciting Web hunts to explore the answers to these questions and more.


3–5, 6–8

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  • Activities and Games

Scholastic’sSocial Studies WebQuest Activities are grade-specific, self-guided lessons that encourage students to master technology and social studies-oriented skills as they engage in content-rich Web adventures.

Students choose an important person or place from history, then conduct online research on their topics and answer a set of questions.

  • Henry Hudson (grades 47) Students review two Web sites about Hudson, then answer questions such as: What was Hudson’s goal? Why did he give it up? What did the Dutch call his ship?
  • The Gold Rush (grades 48) How did prospectors say California got its name? Why do you think, despite the dangerous and unknown country of California, people from all over the world rushed to California? With the help of a Web site provided by Scholastic, students track down the answers to these questions and more.


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