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Short Circuit: A Maggie's Earth Adventures Activity

In this fun learning activity, students help Maggie boost power to her circuit board by correctly matching prefixes and suffixes to their meanings.


1–2, 3–5

Activity Type

  • Computer Lab Activities

Scholastic's Short Circuit interactive activity, one of Maggie's Earth Adventures, challenges students to match prefixes and suffixes to their meanings.

First, students get a brief tutorial on what prefixes and suffixes are. Then they help Maggie restore power to her circuit board by matching the prefixes and suffixes on the left to their meanings on the right. If students choose correctly, they boost power to the circuit board — incorrect selections burn out the circuits!

Students can choose between four levels of difficulty.

Sample Suffixes: Level 1






one who

study of

fear of

to make


Learning Objectives

While participating in the Short Circuit activity, students become proficient with several of these skills.

  • Use web technology to practice grammar skills
  • Improve grammar skills within different skill sets
  • Track progress on different skill sets

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