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Science Expedition: New Zealand

Students can accompany biologist Colin Skinner on an in-depth learning adventure of the islands of New Zealand.


3–5, 6–8

Activity Type

  • Activities and Games

Biologist Colin Skinner trekked through the islands of New Zealand in 1998, leading Scholastic's "Science Expedition: New Zealand" learning adventure. Today, students can read his weekly field journals and interview transcripts and explore photos of the diverse geology, unusual wildlife, and rich cultures he encountered. Plus, through our Global Kid Connections, students can learn firsthand about the everyday lives of kids from two schools in New Zealand.

  • With our Interactive Trek Map (Grades 3–8), students can retrace Skinner’s route and click on points of interest for more information.
  • Students can Learn About New Zealand (Grades 3–8) by reading about its culture, history, geography, and climate. Additional Web links for further research are included.
  • Keep Your Own Field Journal (Grades 3–8) lets students record their observations and keep track of questions and ideas for further research.
  • Our Kids' Interview With Colin Skinner (Grades 3–8), shares the transcripts of Colin's three live interviews from New Zealand, organized by topic.
  • Students can read transcripts of Interviews with Science Experts (Grades 3–8) – biologist Dr. Scott Baker speaks about marine animals, and Dr. Ann Graeme of the Royal Forest and Bird Society discusses the kiwi bird.
  • In Meet Kids in New Zealand (Grades 3–8), students can connect with two New Zealand schools  who share stories about what it's like to live in this unique country.


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