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Revolutionary War: A Dear America Activity

With articles, interactive scrapbooks, and more engaging online activities, students learn what life was like during the Revolutionary War.



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  • Activities and Games

Scholastic’sDear America: Revolutionary War activity offers students a fascinating look at how Americans lived during the Revolutionary War.

  • About the Era explains how the colonists fought for their independence from Great Britain during the Revolutionary War – and won, resulting in the birth of the United States of America! A timeline offers a chronological frame of reference.
  • In Downloadables, you’ll find dozens of links to related articles from the Library of Congress, including content on Valley Forge, Benedict Arnold, the British Capture, and much more.
  • Whiteboard-Ready Slides share images from the Revolutionary War, including Valley Forge, the Battle of Saratoga, General George Washington, and more.
  • For further reading, students can buy a book from the Dear America series, The Winter of Red Snow: The Diary of Abigail Jane Stewart, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, 1777, a fictional diary of a young girl from this era.
  • About the Authors shares the bios of the Dear America series’ authors.Student Activities include:


  • 30 easy, delicious recipes for students to try, including Abigail Jane Stewart’s Mince Pie and Tea Biscuits.
  • 22 arts and crafts, including Abigail’s Basic Knitting, Homemade Candles, and Sand Painting.
  • An article on women’s and girls’ clothes from 1778, including paper dolls students can print, cut out, and mix and match! 
  • Students can also explore two interactive fictional scrapbooks from Abigail Jane Stewart. By reading her journal-like entries, students get a unique perspective of what life was like for young people during this era.


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