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Reggie the Rhyming Rhino: A Building Language for Literacy Activity

Listen and match words that rhyme with Reggie. He's the rhino who rhymes every chance he gets!



Activity Type

  • Computer Lab Activities
  • Interactive Whiteboard Activities

Scholastic’s Reggie the Rhyming Rhinoactivity (PreK–K) features a fun, language-loving character who takes students to familiar places (and maybe some new) around town, where they have to name objects that rhyme. This activity helps children develop an awareness of patterns in language.

First, students pick a place for their language adventure with Reggie. Twelve options include a store, firehouse, airport, zoo, home, and more.

Then, students click on an object to hear how it’s pronounced, and have to choose another object (from three options) that rhymes.  


Learning Objectives

By participating in the Reggie the Rhyming Rhino activity, young students will:

  • Develop vocabulary skills
  • Distinguish different word sounds
  • Recognize letter shapes and sounds
  • Enhance their understanding of the community around them
  • Learn to follow oral directions
  • Learn to categorize familiar objects


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