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Problem Solving: 5 StudyJams! Interactive Math Activities

Students will learn how to create equations from word problems, estimate whole numbers, determine the missing operation in an equation, and more in these five fun activities


3–5, 6–8

Activity Type

  • Interactive Whiteboard Activities

Identifying Missing or Extra Information

To become a word problem expert, first you have to solve a mystery: Is there information missing or is there extra information hiding in the problem? We will help you find out!

Creating Equations From Word Problems

Do word problems worry you? Not anymore. Once you can create and solve equations, word problems are a breeze.

Estimating Whole Numbers

Need to make a complicated math problem easier? Sometimes estimating, which is like making your best guess, is a good way to start.

Determining the Missing Operation in an Equation

If your equation is missing its operation sign, you are in luck! There are only four choices: addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

Order of Operations

PLEASE follow the order of operations, and you will be master of all equations!

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