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Poetry Idea Engine: A Writing With Writers Activity

This activity taps into your students' creativity by challenging them to write haikus, free verse, limericks, and more.


1–2, 3–5, 6–8

Activity Type

  • Writing Activities

With Scholastic’s Poetry Idea Engine interactive activity, students can practice writing their own poems. This engine, developed with GoCyberCamp, allows students to explore several types of poems.

  • First, students select which type of poem they’d like to write: a limerick, haiku, cinquain, or free verse.
  • The engine offers students a definition of the poem, then generates a poem with missing words. Students can choose from a list of words to complete the poem.
  • When they’re finished, students can print their poem, or play again!

Learning Objectives

While participating in the "Poetry Idea Engine" activity, students become proficient with these skills:

  • Identify unique characteristics of the poetry genre
  • Practice poetry writing skills such as rhythm, rhyming, and descriptive vocabulary

Susan Cheyney

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