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Myths Brainstorming Machine: A Writing with Writers Activity

This fun, easy-to-use interactive tool helps students get creative and come up with ideas for writing their own myths.



Activity Type

  • Writing Activities
  • Computer Lab Activities
  • Interactive Whiteboard Activities

Scholastic’s interactive Myths Brainstorming Machine tool (grades 4–9) helps students tap into their creative side!

Students can choose characters for their myths, and place them into a graphical setting. A text-based scenario generator will then help them to outline their stories before they start writing their myths.

The final product, a combination of graphics and text, can be printed out and shared.




Learning Objectives

While participating in the “Myths Brainstorming Machine,” students will:


  • Follow the writing process to create writing in different genres.
  • Produce written work to show evidence of knowledge of the different genres.
  • Use Web tools to write and publish original myths.

Susan Cheyney

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