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Mystery at the Third Strike Sports Store: A Math Maven’s Mysteries Activity

Who won the Third Strike Store contest? Students play super-sleuths, using their logical reasoning skills and clues, to crack the case.



Activity Type

  • Computer Lab Activities

In the “Mystery at the Third Strike Sports Store” (grades 3–5), one of the Math Maven’s Mysteries, students help store owner Nathaniel figure out who won his Third Strike contest!

Students read (and, with audio, listen to) the details of the case –out of five customers, the third is the contest winner. But who was that third customer? Using logical reasoning skills, students map out who entered the store, when, to determine the winner and crack the case.



Learning Objectives


By participating in Math Maven's Mysteries, students will:

  • Use problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Apply math skills in an authentic situation
  • Practice reading skills


Susan Cheyney

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