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The Moon and the Sun: A Research Starters Activity

A great starting point for students writing about these celestial subjects, Scholastic offers all the resources, tips, and ideas they need.


6–8, 9–12

Activity Type

  • Activities and Games

Created with Grolier Online, Scholastic’s Research Starters: The Moon and the Sunoffers online articles and activities, research topic ideas, the best sites on the Web, and more, for students writing about this subject.

The workshop includes an introduction on the sun, moon, and solar system, plus a glossary of terms to know. Students will also find links to more than 20 Scholastic online activities and articles on the Apollo program, Fusion Energy, Lunar Excursion Module, Space Exploration, and more.

Scholastic also culled the Web and found 24 fascinating spaced-related sites that students can explore, including:

  • Buzz Aldrin: Buzz Aldrin's official Web site features his biography, news, articles, media clips, and more.
  • Earth and Sky Homepage: Online companion to the award-winning science radio series offers a daily chart of celestial events with hyperlinks to a pronunciation guide, articles, news, FAQ, and more.
  • History of Astronomy: An excellent, comprehensive index of sites relating to the history of astronomy. Includes online science archives and libraries, museums, biographies, bibliographic resources, and information on the history of science. Wonderful site for researchers.
  • NASA Astronaut Biographies: Official NASA biographies of the U.S. astronauts are provided and include illustrations and extensive career histories. Listed alphabetically. Also searchable and browsable by mission.

Susan Cheyney

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