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Mexico: A Global Trek Activity

Through various reading activities, students get to “tour” Mexico and learn about its history, culture, and its people.


3–5, 6–8

Activity Type

  • Activities and Games

Scholastic’s Global Trek series takes students on a virtual trip around the world, where they can learn about foreign countries through various online activities.

As part of the series, Global Trek Destination: Mexico (grades 4-8) lets students visit our country’s neighbor to the south.

  • Students learn about Mexico, including highlights of its history from 25,000 B.C. until today.
  • Students also learn about the Aztecs, the American Indian people of central Mexico who were eventually defeated by the Spanish.
  • Students discover Mexican Wildcats through Earthwatch Institute’s field sites.
  • The very serious subject of Child Labor in the tobacco fields of Mexico is addressed.
  • Students can browse an interactive map of Hispanic History in the Americas that traces back 500 years of Spanish influences.
  • Students can read about the People in Mexico — specifically, those of Ciudad Juarez, which is near the U.S. border and influenced by both American and Mexican cultures.
  • Students can read Scholastic’s interview with students from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, in our Kid Q&A.
  • Students can record what they’ve learned in a Travel Journal.


Learning Objectives

While “touring” Mexico, students will:

  • Investigate people, places, and environments.
  • Use technological resources to gather information about the country and culture that they visit.
  • Study global connections and interdependence by reading online text in order to meet the people of the country they visit.
  • Use written and visual language to communicate their experiences, thoughts, feelings, collect pictures and write captions about the memorable moments of their travels.

Susan Cheyney

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