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Measurement: 17 StudyJams! Interactive Math Activities

Students will have fun learning about everything from telling time and using a calendar to finding the area of irregular figures and adding — and subtracting — measurements in these 17 interactive measurement activities.


3–5, 6–8

Activity Type

  • Interactive Whiteboard Activities

Telling Time

Do those short hands and long hands on the clock give you trouble? Not anymore. Let us give you a hand!

Converting Units of Time

Need to know how many minutes there are in a day? No problem! Follow the right steps, and you can convert any unit of time to another.

Elapsed Time

How fast can you run? Grab a stopwatch and learn how to figure out elapsed time.

Using a Calendar

What day is softball practice, and how many days until spring vacation? To keep up with all the important things in your life, you need to know how to use a calendar.

Telling the Temperature

Should you wear your new sweater tomorrow? Find out by brushing up on how to tell temperature.

Measuring Length

Get out your rulers, yardsticks, and tape measures. It is time to measure length.

Tools of Measurement

Not sure when to use a yardstick? Learn about the different tools of measurement and when each one will come in handy.


Need to know the distance all the way around a figure, like your house? There is a measurement for that. It is called perimeter, and here is how to find it.

Area of a Parallelogram

How big is your classroom? Find out by learning how to find the area of a parallelogram.

Area of a Triangle

Exactly how much space does a triangle take up? You can find out by figuring its area.

Area of Irregular Figures

Sometimes you need to know the area of an irregular shape. That might sound tricky, but all it takes it some strategic thinking.


Volume is more than just how loudly you play your music. It has another meaning, and you can find out all about it here.

Customary Units of Length

We need measurements to make sure our clothes fit and when we bake a cake it tastes good. But there is more than one way to measure. Which do you use?

Adding and Subtracting Measurements

Who is taller, you or your friend? If you want to find out, keep reading!

Surface Area

How much wrapping paper will you need to wrap you sister's birthday present? To find out, you will need to know about surface area.


Pi is one of the most mysterious numbers in math. Get to know all about it, and how it relates to circumference, right here!

Units of Measurement

There are two major systems of measurement. Learn how these systems are used around the world.

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