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Max’s Super Stars: Max’s Math Adventures:

Early learners read (and listen to) Max as he counts the stars in this fun, rhyming poem. Then, students count, too!


PreK–K, 1–2

Activity Type

  • Computer Lab Activities

In “Max’s Super Stars” (grades K–2) — one of Max's Math Adventures — students read (and, with audio, listen to) a fun, rhyming poem about Max counting the stars. Then, they must count whatever’s around the house — a handful of beans, buttons, pennies, or other small objects.

An Activity Page offers more objects for counting and drawing.

For more counting fun, students can also try these three Extra Challenges of varying difficulties.



Learning Objectives

By participating in Max’s Math Adventures, students will:

  • Apply math skills to solve problems.
  • Find mathematical problems in everyday situations.
  • Relate everyday language to mathematical problems and symbols.
  • Use creative thinking and math skills to figure out the solution.
  • Use an interactive online form.


Susan Cheyney

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