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Card Castle Addition: A Max’s Math Adventures Activity

How many number combinations can add up to 14? Students solve this real-world math problem with help from clues and creative thinking.



1–2, 3–5

Activity Type

  • Computer Lab Activities

One of Max's Math Adventures, Card Castle Addition (grades K–2) challenges students to solve a real-world addition problem by using clues imbedded in a fun, rhyming poem.

With text and audio, students read along and listen as Max and Ruthie build a castle from cards. When their dog, Rover, crashes 14 floors of the castle, students must figure out all the different ways you can make 14 using two numbers.

Plus, students can try three Extra Challenges of varying difficulties.




Learning Objectives

By participating in Card Castle Addition,” students will:

  • Apply math skills to solve problems.
  • Find mathematical problems in everyday situations.
  • Relate everyday language to mathematical problems and symbols.
  • Use creative thinking and math skills to figure out the solution.
  • Use an interactive online form.


Susan Cheyney

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