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Maggie's Earth Adventures

Teachers have told us these 14 online activities for English grammar, Spanish, math, and science are so appealing they use them as rewards.


1–2, 3–5, 6–8

Activity Type

  • Computer Lab Activities

Scholastic and Maggie's Earth Adventures offer students interactive activities that are so fun and engaging, students will forget they are learning! The activities target specific skill development, from speed of basic math facts to applying the correct inflectional endings so that words can be spelled correctly. Also included are Spanish language activities for ESL students or students learning Spanish as a foreign language.

Many teachers tell us they use these activities as rewards when children have completed other work, as a center activity, and even as homework.

Maggie's Earth Adventures include four content areas, each focusing on different skills, as shown below. Each activity can be played multiple times with different questions.





Learning Objectives

While participating in the Maggie's Earth Adventures project, students become proficient with several of these skills.

  • Use web technology to practice math, science, Spanish, and grammar skills
  • Build math skills to higher levels
  • Improve grammar skills within different skill sets
  • Use technology tools to make connections between English and Spanish grammar and vocabulary
  • Track progress on different skill sets
  • Identify scientific structures

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