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Leo the Letter-Loving Lobster: A Building Language for Literacy Activity

In this fun, interactive activity, Leo the Letter-Loving Lobster asks young students to match letters, helping them develop language skills.



Activity Type

  • Computer Lab Activities
  • Interactive Whiteboard Activities

Leo the Letter-Loving Lobster, part of the Building Language for Literacy series, makes learning fun! Young students (Pre–K) match letters while playing an engaging interactive activity – they become familiar with not only the shape of letters, but the connection between letters and the sounds they make.

Plus, before starting to play, students must choose a setting from the child’s home or community, which helps them get a sense of the world around them.


Learning Objectives

By playing Leo the Letter-Loving Lobster, children will:

  • Develop vocabulary skills
  • Distinguish different word sounds
  • Recognize letter shapes and sounds
  • Enhance their understanding of the community around them
  • Learn to follow oral directions
  • Learn to categorize familiar objects
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